Work experience

Omio (formerly GoEuro,

December 2019 to present

Senior frontend developer at Booking team. Berlin, Germany

TypeScript, React, styled-components, React Testing Library, Cypress, Storybook.

  • Introduced modern testing tools and practices to the team.
  • Added primitive layout components based on styled-system to the component library.
  • Contributions to the component library, including TypeScript migration, and accessibility fixes.

Wayfair (

January 2018 to October 2019

Senior frontend developer. Berlin, Germany

Flow, React, Sass, Jest, Enzyme, GraphQL.

  • Working on customer-facing internet shop ( frontend for product reviews, and questions and answers.
  • Working on supplier facing tools: order management, inventory management, etc.
  • Started a major order management tool revamp and later did architecture reviews for the team working on this project.
  • JavaScript and CSS working groups: working on company-wide coding standards, writing documentation for developers.
  • Fronted office hours: helping other developers with frontend questions.
  • Code reviews, live reviews, and pairing with developers in all Berlin teams.
  • Contributions to company-wide React component libraries, including two sprints with the team that maintains them.
  • Internal brown bag talks: internationalization best practices, types in JavaScript with Flow.

HERE Technologies (

July 2015 to December 2017

Senior frontend developer. Berlin, Germany

React, Sass, CSS Modules, Enzyme, React Styleguidist.

  • Working on internal tools (localization, company dictionary, etc.)
  • Introduced modern frontend stack to the team: React, ES6, CSS Modules, webpack.
  • Introduced linting (ESLint, Stylelint), code style (later Prettier), frontend testing (Jest and Enzyme) to the team.
  • Created a component library with 70+ components shared between five projects.
  • Converted a vanilla jQuery app to React, and created several new React apps from scratch.

Badoo (

2012 to 2015

Senior JavaScript developer. Moscow, Russia

  • Rewriting, refactoring, and maintenance of one of the main components of app.
  • Created a complex HTML5 photo uploader component. (

2010 to 2012

Frontend developer. Moscow, Russia

  • Working on the frontend of the most popular Russian email service.
  • Internal office weather monitor (SVG via Raphaël).


2006 to 2010

JavaScript developer. Moscow, Russia

  • Frontend of a complex biotech research tool, including SVG generation, and client-side XSLT transformation.
  • Refactoring Internet Explorer 6 code to work in modern browsers.

Personal projects

Talks, workshops and books


Open Technological Institute. Moscow, Russia. Specialty: Applied Informatics in Economics. Master’s degree. Graduated in 2011.


English (fluent), Russian (native), and German (basic).